Thursday, November 08, 2007

Spring Foal

Hi There,
Never done this before! So here we go.
We, that`s my good lady and I, own two idxtb`s, both sisters, steel grey. Both have a temperament to die for.
Misty, is 4 years old, unfortunately shortly after we bought her, she began to show signs of OCD in the left rear hock.
This was operated on in 2005, successfully .
Due to this minor set back, we decided to put her into foal, to a rather excellent stud horse. An appaloosa, I know! some have said why? But its what we decided.
Misty is now in her 7th month. There`s still a bit to go, so if all goes well the foal should be due in early March.
This is our first attempt at breeding our horses, and its interesting to say the least.
Just to give you some idea of what sort of riding we do, my wife is disabled in her right arm and therefore is unable to exert a lot of pull, on the riens. So we opted to go western, and have trained the two " grey ladies accordingly".
Got to go, horses need to come in.

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