Friday, November 09, 2007

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I`ve just renewed my subsrciptions for the Scottish Endurance Riding Club,(serc).
I was shocked to say the least at the rise in prices, you dont mind a couple of quid here and there, but a tenner!

Its not like its once in a blue moon, either, its every year.

So anyway, I coughed up, whats a soul to do? Liz had all the feed in for me tonight, saved me some time.

I must get to work on Gracie on Sunday, as we are retraining her, it needs to be kept up.

I started Gracie as a 3 yearold. She was the type of horse that you wouldnt look twice at.
When I first saw her I wasnt really struck. She was skinny and standing at just under 15hh. Her eye really caught me, large and clear, bright and big. So after a month of dithering, I finally bought her.

Once home, she didnt give me a moments bother, after three weeks careful work, she was saddled and ridden away. Gracie is now working out several issues, namely, she always wants to rush on and a tendencey to do what she wants.
Of course this is my problem, as I`ve caused it, so its up to me to sort it. This is what my friend and I are upto.
We took her back to the first week after she was bought. That was 7 weeks ago, and now we are long reining through obstacles.
Very shortly she will begin to be taught to jog, and so on. Its a long process but I hope to have her trained by the spring in time for the trec season.

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