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The Mudlark

The Mud Lark
by cheyenne on Wed Dec 17, 2008 8:21 am

Today, Thursday the 13th Nov. 2008. Why shall I remember, this seemingly inauspicious day? ............Let me illucidate!

As in every morning, there are things that need done. Dogs to feed and walk, horses to feed and muck out. Today was no exception, I arose from my cuddlesome position, in the rather warm bed, and proceeded in the direction of the kitchen. Once the kettle was on, and the coffee in the pot, I was beginning to feel slightly more aware that it was raining outside. Again!
So after the ubiquitous mug of black Java, it was on with the wellies, and into the fray. These wellies are`nt just any old boots, no. They were purchased from the best wellie factory around! At 52 quid a pair, thats ...............urmmm? Well its, sort of, .................ahh yes, a pound a week! In fact these wellies have been reasonably cheap! I`ve had them for three years, so thats ..........oh god! .............Its ........33 pence a week?

Anyway I digress, I usually feed the two weanlings first, `cos they`re in the stable and the nearest! Let the dogs out,and feed them, they run around chasing each others tails for at least two hours! Then today, I made the decision that was to change my cost per wellie per week situation!

I decided to go to the bottom field where the three mares are kept, all snugly rugged up! Great idea, so with two buckets of feed in hand I wandered off towards the field. Its only a short walk, about 200 yards, to the nearest gate. I have to say that I dont normally use this gate.
In through the gate I went, closing it, I stepped back and sank! Not just a little sank or sunk! But a damn great big sink, past my wellie tops, and to my knees. Swearing from the blasphemers book of swear words, I lost my balance and fell forwards! Of course because my legs couldnt move, I had to drop the feed buckets and use my hands and arms to break my fall! So there I was on all fours, feed scattered in all directions and the rain pouring onto my neck. My wellies were full of mud and water. What to do?

Well, I have been in worse situations, I can tell you!....................So, I risked a dodgy move with my left leg, I tried to lift it out of the mud, bad move, really bad move! Out my leg came, minus the wellie! I fell back and ended up on the mud on my back!

Of course my equine friends had come to see what all the noise was about, and saw a floundering human encased in mud, trying desperately to stand upright. Of course I ignored the scornfull looks from Gracie, Misty and Cassy! They continued to eat the feed while I lay there. An idea came to me! " come horsey, let me grab your tail!" No chance!

There was only one thing for it, I had to stand up, try and put my left foot back in the wellie! Oh no! where was it? Then I saw it, trampled beneath the hoof of a large Irish draught! Squashed into oblivion, lost forever to the field! Sod it! I stood up, and withdrawing my right foot from the remaining boot, waded out of the field and made my way home! Passed by several motorists, who decided to wave and smile at the forlorn image of the muddy cheyenne! So there we are, no wellies, socks ruined, and pride shot!

What to do? A shower and some TLC needed I think! See ya!cheyenne

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  1. I feel your pain, do you ever fantasise about moving somewhere drier?!! I do... for at least six months of the year!

    Thanks for the laugh though!