Monday, October 19, 2009

A Wet Day

Looked out the bunkhouse door, rainin` ag`in. Guess I`ll have to settle down and brew me a little java!..............That sure hits the spot! Still got to get some work done. Still raini`n maybe another coffee? Sure, if things dont change, they`ll just stay the same.

Maybe, even I will get a rest. Trouble is, I got four dawgs need walkin` and its rainin`. Well? cai`nt stay here all day! C`mon dawgs! This `ole slicker sure does need patchin`, kinda like my hat! The rains so heavy, cai`nt even hear ma` spurs, better get me a pair just like `ole Festus in Gunsmoke! Hear them `cumin a mile off!!

How`d he ever sneek up on anyone?

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