Sunday, December 06, 2009


It rained today............The arrival of the Quarter horses has been put on hold, the land is just too wet to bring them on. I`m even thinking of putting mine inside for a few weeks. Trouble with that is, the horses get sour, and start to fret. But hey ho!

So I think we`ll wait. In the mean time, I`ve got plenty to do, Valance needs rescued, and I`m fed up to the gun`alls (gunwhales) with all this rain. I know every one rants about climate change, and I`ve been around long enough to have seen changes, but I`m not convinced its man made. More like natural change is happening, the worlds climate changes all the time. How arrogant are we to assume we are responsible for the worlds climate?

Still as a detractor, I will come in for some stick, but someone has to call it as its seen. There doesnt seem to be anyone questioning all this "evidence"

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