Friday, January 08, 2010

Another Bad Day!!!

-15 deg. Last night. Its a lot warmer now, up to -9deg.!! well the main issue now is the water, all the water troughs are frozen, we`re having to barrel water still! The drain pipes around the house are frozen! I`m just wondering what will happen if the thaw comes and all the bloody pipes burst!

I`ve had to take the horse rugs off the animals, due to a possible bacterial infection on the backs of the horses.
I noticed, today that there were small lumps on the backs today. So took the rugs off and found that the lumps were infected!

So we will keep the rugs off while the weather is very cold and dry. Thats the important thing, dry! The strong ultra violet from the winter sun will do the rest!!!

Always an issue, horses!!!

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