Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Whats a Boy to do?


I was watching the weather forecast for today, it said," Plenty of sunshine, breezy and showers this evening!"
So as I watched the rain clouds rolling in, and the wind getting up, I thought? "Mmm, must be something wrong somewhere! No riding today then! The Daffodills have opened in the garden, and there are a few crocuses open too, but the cold still persists.

Gracie is shedding her winter coat, and its a case of standing up wind, when she shakes herself! The hair fairly flys! So? What to do?
Theres a pile of logs to split, and some patching to do on the shed, and then there`s the fence to mend!
Whats a boy to do? Got to get something done................. I`ll think of something! I think them chickens need fed, no rush for that though!.....................Mmm! Do I smell coffee?


  1. At time's like this coffee sounds a good idea.

  2. Hello Cheyenne, I could have sworn I left an answer to this post the other day. Maybe I did, and I forgot to fill in the word verification. No matter, I've just done another one.

    Anyway - you don't have to publish this if you don't want to - I'm glad to see you've been branching out a little and I'm pleased you're attracting further interest in your blog. It's well deserved.

    BTW - Patsy (or Miss Moll, as I call her, from a Phots-Moll penname she uses)has left a comment for you on the 'Party' thread.