Wednesday, April 07, 2010

None Horsey Day!

Today, the rain stopped! At sometime during the very early morning, God`s watering can ran dry! About time too. So off with the wet weather gear, and out with the walking boots!

Of course these muppets ran themselves into the ground, and kept me on the go! Have to say that I`ve missed the excersise!


  1. Your "muppets" -- so cute! What kind are they? Are they siblings?

    We had rain & I saw a few rogue snowflakes mixed in... ruined our plans for riding tonight, but at least eventually, the sun did shine...

  2. Its a little after 8am here, and there is a sign that perhaps(?)spring has come!

    In the pics, the two little white dogs are both West Highland Terriers, in the pic of four dogs, the two large ones are both Golden Retrievers.
    All the "muppets" are unrelated!Lol! We always get comments on the dogs, always on the go, and never run out of steam! I wish I could say the same of me!

  3. Nice pics, Cheyenne. Got me wondering though, just who is taking who for a walk.

  4. I often wonder myself old friend!