Saturday, May 29, 2010

I`d like to take this opportunity to thank once again all the bloggers out there, who have been kind, in there thoughts and words, once again I thank you. My OH, is now back to work? Although, it is only light work, and has learned to take it easy! Unfortunately, due to this illness we are selling her Cob, "Barney". I cant ride every horse! So something has to give. ......We have decided to sell all our poultry, and other fowl. Keeping 300 odd birds isnt entirely without its stress levels!
But I feel this is now the right time, dont know why, but maybe it just is. That leaves us with more time, for me, it means hopefully more riding, for the OH, more time with the Grand kids! I`m off to ride across the Cheviot hills again this July 4th, with some good friends and maybe some new ones.

Its become a regular thing, we change the routes, but the mileage is roughly the same, 75 miles in two days. I will post some piccies, and a narrative when its done, so you can all have a look see! But up till then its work, and get the wee beastie fit!
Its a little after 7am here, and the rain is coming down in buckets! So I`m off to catch up on a few zzzzz`s! Happy trails!

P/S Forgot to mention! Its Marches Season again!


  1. I enjoy your post; glad your OH is doing better; and look forward to reading more stories.

  2. Thanks for visiting! I have been to the "Ponies"! Liked it.

    Thank you for your kind comment, its really nice to know there are real people out there! My kind of people! Hope you`ll stay a while!

  3. Good to see your OH is doing better. I totally understand about not being able to ride them all as I gaze at the 4 extras we have! But I'm too attached to let them go.

    Looking forward to pictures of your July 4th ride!

    Our hay was cut and is down right now. Hoping for at least another dry day until its baled.

  4. Your hay is cut? OMG! Around here, it will be at least another month! Thats assuming the weather holds good! I am loathe to sell the horse, but, and I dont say this lightly, sometimes, just sometimes. he is a ride and drive, so there will be plenty of takers, carriage driving round here is pretty big stuff! If he doesnt sell? Well he`ll stay for a while until he does, he`s not going just to any old place etc.

  5. 300 chickens?! I think you've done the right thing, Cheyenne.

  6. I'm pleased to hear your OH is improving, but sorry to hear you are selling Barney. And of course, with a cob called Barnaby of my own, I am curious about yours. Have you got any pictures of him on your blog? Is there a link I can go to?

  7. I`ve put a link on the blog now, look at the first page! I can e-mail piccs if you want, not very good at this stuff.

  8. Chey,

    Great to hear OH is better...I've been think of you two a lot! (((HUGS)))

    Keeping life simple is best. Give you more time to enjoy know what I mean?

    Big hugs to both of you

  9. Thanks for that Miss Houston!!! We are doing ok. Your right about simple, we`ll keep it that way!

  10. Popped over form..? someone's blog...!
    Hello, hay..I know..everyone is talking about first cutting and it just keeps raining where we it does not get cut yet!

    I will try to understand what happened to your OH..glad they are doing better!
    KK in Oregon~USA