Saturday, May 15, 2010

It all comes in Three`s!!!

I have to thank all the lovely Bloggers, who have been kind to offer their thoughts and prayers for my wife. Thank you! You have all been wnonderful, I would write individually to you all, but I hope this is acceptable. Liz, is still in hospital and will be for another week. She will have an operation on Thursday next. But not for the heart! No, Gall bladder, to add to everything else. I am writing this while trying to consume a late breakfast, and a very strong mug of steaming Java!

Theye say that bad things come in three`s, the last one came at 8am today! The police came the door, to ask me if the four horses, standing next to him! Were mine, I looked, and could not for the life of me believe it!
There were my four horses, presumably they had decided to pay me a belated visit, or was it to see Liz?
Who knows, but the co-incidence does not escape me. They had travelled all of 3 miles along busy roads, from the farm where they are stabled at, to my place! Unbelieveable!!!!!

So after, putting a halter on Gracie, who by the way is the lead mare, I put them in the stables at my house. It would seem that in reality, the police informed me there had been poachers on the farm land, and when they arrived several field gates had been left open. So there we have it, no harm done, fortunately!


  1. Thank you for the update. Sounds like your wife has had quite a time of it & wishing you both the best.

    Interesting that the horses came home. And isn't that a scare! I know when ours get out, my heart doesn't stop beating fast long after they are safe. What are they poaching?

  2. Hi Tammy, thanks for your thoughts. Really appreciated.

    They were poaching Deer, Roe Deer, we have plenty here, more like vermin! Good to eat, but! They usually belong to the land owners.

  3. Glad to hear some better news, Cheyenne. That Gracie is a smart one, but we knew that already.

  4. Thanks for that Valance, nearly got me a handle on Grady 2! My old lady`ll be fine, but thanks.

  5. Chey,

    So glad to hear your wife is doing a wee bit better...I'll keep the thoughts and prayers going until she home safe with you.

    Oh, the most animals KNOW. That's the beauty of them and why we love our pets so much.

    Thanks for the good news on both horses and the wife!


  6. Pleased to hear it, Cheyenne.

  7. That's pretty amazing that they came to your house like that, but maybe not so much as I think, because animals are smart.

    Thanks for the update on your wife. Sounds like things are looking up.

  8. What a lovely blog, I read loads, and will have to come back later to read some more. Please give my regards to your wife, I hope she is feeling better soon. Drop by my blog some time, you'll be very welcome.

  9. Welcome, Autumn Mist! First, thank you for the kind wishes regarding my wife. Glad you took time to read the blog! Thanks for the really kind comments. I see your near Gods country!lol.

  10. Hope things are getting better, Cheyenne.