Monday, August 23, 2010

Rain Scald ?

There is a real risk of Rain Scald.

I know, Gracie suffered last winter, there was so much rain, plus I didnt get the rugs on soon enough. So, as the torrential rain bounces off the roads and roofs again, I am not looking forward to the Autumn, let alone the Winter Season.DSCF0750 

The weather forecasters, havent given me any hope at all, in fact, I would go as far as to say, it will be a repeat of last year! God help us. I should have taken some photographs of the dreaded condition, but I didnt, to anyone who knows what it is like, then take care, it isnt a pleasant condition for the horse.


  1. That's awful. Feel free to send it this way, we are scalding in the heat and sun!

  2. Would be happy to swap a few days of eternal sunshine here in the desert for the sound and feel of rain.

  3. We call it rain rot here, and it's just as nasty and hard to get rid of.

  4. Never knew such a thing existed Cheyenne. Hope it ain't so bad next time round.

  5. Hi Val, its bad enough anytime. It depends on the weather, wet and wet! Thats what will cause it, even rugging them up doesnt always prevent the Scald. Its called Scald because of the reaction on the skin, just like our skin being covered with boiling water, blisters, then puss and finally scabs. Its a mess, and takes around 4-6 months to get shot of. Even then the horses back can be tender.

  6. Oh ~very sorry for the dread of the rains coming again...I knnow you dislike them greatly. We here in Oregon...are called 'ducks" for the webbing between our toes!

    But, at present, we are having an "Indian Summer".It is what they call it when the summer light and sun continues into Septembertime. I am loving they forcast "a wet and cold winter" this year.

    I have my TB thin skinned that her "COAT" is not any thicker than a heavy summer blow out coat on other horses! I Always blanket her...she is a a rain hater-like you!! She had NEVER gotton a "rain scald" or "rain rot"..she'd be moving too blame fast trying to escape the drops if she were not blanketed!!

    Cheer up, we are all in this together and put the rug on! I have a freind that moved her horse to New York...they get Scald there- from the humidity!


  7. Thanks for that, already bought two new rugs, gone for the heavier type with a soft padded layer underneath. Usually only get ones with good waterproof outer. Maybe this time?