Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Meaning of Life?

The sun shone today. I drank some wine, and got myself a little me time. Kick back, and soak up that Autumn sun. The leaves seem to be ready to drop, and thats not all, I have seen the Swallows leave in the last few days. Their leaving, announces the return of the end of the year, and another winter.
So while I lay back and took in the afternoon warmth, I started thinking about next year.  Why should I wait? Who knows what the next few months have in store, or for that matter, the next few days?  Life is so fleeting, here one day, and gone the next. It seems that time has no equal, and no hold on anything. In fact, if I was to be truthful, I was starting to like the short days, they fit right in with my realisation of the dawning of my late years.  I have noticed, what used to take me two minutes, is now taking ten. Which is how I came to understand the meaning of life.
Yep!!! Its a strange way of thinking, but it came to me today, kicking back and taking it all in. Life is`nt  anything at all, its a play, a Gavot, a staging of the incidentals, that become the future. I know! Its a supposition, but for me, at this time, its what it is. Now, thats where the horse comes in, in fact the horse represents the wholeness of my thinking. Note, that the wine herein mentioned is a fine Rioja, a Crianza, 1997!  Wether  thats a good year, is irrelevant, it supposes that I have taste, and as my late Father in Law stated, one afternoon, in late July some years ago, “You have the taste of an Echidna!”  He wasnt short of words, but his Anitipodian reference wasnt lost on me. 
My horse, a mare of only nine years, has predisposition towards the hard way, the stubbornness  of her being, is how I came to my enlightenment. You see, it came about yesterday.
I was standing in the field, she, the mare was standing some yards off to my left, the rain had eased, and the sun was trying to splutter into the daylight. The mare, although not alone in the field, stood aloof, and apart from the other three. I could see from her stance, that she had something on her mind. Not a big thing, but a niggling thing. What could it be?  For several minutes I was at a loss, then with one deft movement, she had solved the issue. It wasnt more grass, or more space, or even the sun on her back.
No! The whole thought concept of her mind was concentrated towards the idea, that  should she move at all, she would have to shift the weight of her left rear leg, onto her rear right.  I could see her trying to stretch her neck to the next lump of grass, but not wanting to move her body. She solved the problem, by dropping onto her front knees!  She then could reach more grass, without moving her rear legs!   I was aghast at this thought train, surely it would have been easier to move her whole body? But no, to her it was easier to lower her legs, onto her knees, and stretch her neck. Now that is some thinking!
Which brings me back to the meaning of life. If I was to ask the question, I would be at a loss to give myself the answer, but the mare did. She showed me that there is need, and there is want. She didnt want to move, but needed to get there!  She did neither, she adopted the compromise. Thats what she taught me, the compromise!  Thats what life is!  You probably already knew that, but I have always fought  and strived to be what I require to be, never giving an inch. The mare and the wine, have relieved me of that stress.


  1. I love watching my horses and wondering what they are thinking. And what is really cool is when they are actually telling you something. My mare did that to me this weekend. I knew exactly what she was saying & I could comply.

    Yes, we need to enjoy these days of autumn while they last -- which in our case is never long enough.

  2. Very deep, Cheyenne. Sitting here slugging back a bottle of wine myself, I hear what you're saying. It makes a lot of sense.

  3. Hi Tammy, thanks for the comment, always like to hear what you have to say. A calm voice.

  4. Hi Big fella! How you doin`? Good to hear from you. Sorry I ain`t been around lately, but getting back into the swing!

  5. HA!!! PERFECTLY detailed equine -ish conclusion!
    Your mare and mine, do tell stories of the meaning of life. They have it down to the fine science of simplicity!

    A horse trainer I met once said, " safety, comfort and food" is all they really want and need...not neccesarily, in that order!"

  6. Hey Mister where have you been? You've been missed over at the porch!

    Get back in that saddle cowboy and come hang out...things are just getting good...btw Cecile misses you! ;-)