Thursday, December 02, 2010

Christmas Cake!!!!

“Lord luv a duck guvner!”…..There it is, in all its hot sweet, alcohol infused, fruity Majesty! Its still in its newspaper wrapper in the oven. Stops it getting burned.
I dont like the dark coloured cakes, so we make a light one. Oh the bliss! Tomorrow when cooled, I shall turn it upside down, and begin the process of feeding it with Brandy, daily for a week.  Oh! How lush!   Then on or around Christmas Day I shall slice into it, and add a dollop of Double Cream, and sit in my favourite armchair. Then while eating it, I shall indulge my passion for a Single Malt, and afterwards, I shall undo my trouser belt and fall asleep!!!!!


  1. You do make that sound heavenly. It also sounds like it is a lot of work to make. I have a friend here who is very ill and I would dearly love to make him something like that as he loves fruit cakes. Alas, my ventures into the kitchen more often than not turn into a disaster. Looks like I'll have to do without the cake and just have the single malt.

  2. Okay, you have to reveal what is in it to start with! The brandy and cream sound wonderful at the end of the evening.

  3. I like the dark cakes; didn't make any this year, but I use a whole bottle of brandy in the making of them; soaking the fruit, in the batter, and sprinkled on top a few times as they age. MMMMMM!

  4. ok!Ok!, I shall if so desired put the recipe on the blog!!
    There is one 75cl bottle of whisky in the cake!!! The fruit are soaked for 48hours in the whisky, and then its added to
    the batter mix.

    I`ll put the whole thing up later today!!