Sunday, December 19, 2010

Frosty Start!

19dec2010 002

I dont drive and take pictures! Honestly!!!!!  …….It was cold again today, all the water troughs are well and truly ******!  No amount of heating pipes and the like!  So its been a day of carrying water to and fro. This picture was taken around 2 pm today. The car temp meter is   showing 19 deg F or for  those  modern   people   around   -6 deg C. So I dare not pee outside!  Anyway the horses are doing ok, the rainscald affair looks like it has ceased to be! The scabs were falling off today!  The hair didnt come away too much and the horse is feeling her ol` self again!

Here they are waiting for the water!

19dec2010 006

I know the snow ain`t deep as such, but the ground is as hard as a ****** heart! I should know, I slipped carrying the bloody water!  On another note, the log pile is taking a battering! I`ll have to take myself off to the other pile and do some sawing!  Anyway back to work!


  1. That is mighty ccccold!
    The horses looked chipper, waiting on their man servant.
    Hope that slippery spill does not effect you. Guess you worked it of....on the log pile.

  2. Such pretty scenery behind the horses.

    It is 32*F here today. A heatwave! It says it will be in the 20's now until Christmas.

  3. The concoction for the rain Scald has worked!!!!! Great Scott!

    I`m as pleased as a Beaver with a new treeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

    The forecast for today is a high of --10C!!!!!!!

  4. Brrrrrrrrrrr is right. I thought it was colled here are 33 F. Great pics though. Really beautiful!

  5. Yuck! At least chopping wood will keep you warm.

  6. Tonight at 8.30pm GMT it is
    6 deg F!!!!! Thats about -15C