Tuesday, December 21, 2010

“Not That Old Chestnut!!”

felling dec 2010 004

The first cuts! To the right is a steep 100 foot drop, have to get the tree to fall either to the left or to the rear of the tree as we look!

Here goes nothing!

felling dec 2010 011

Not the prettiest of cuts!  But it worked. This hoary old Chestnut, was dead any way, so I think I should be warm enough?

felling dec 2010 015

Mind you, theres not much chance of me or the wife, getting near the stove this winter!!  “Bertie” Doesnt like his picture taken, he`s hiding under the coffee table!!!!


  1. Drag that tree indoors and you'll have a chestnut roasting by the open fire...

  2. You do have your hands full there with your canine companions don't you :) When did you cut the chestnut down? Looks like a lot of work with the cutting, chopping, and stacking. I know it's more than worth it though on the cold winter nights.

  3. It was cut down today at around 10.30 am!(GMT) Yes its worth doing, as my good lady likes to burn a tree a week!!!!!!!
    Hi Ron, very good!Lol! However, I did get an old Creosoted Telephone pole one year. It was before I got the new saw. We couldnt cut it, so we left the house door open and pushed it through into the fire, when it burned a bit, we fed it in some more!Ha! Sorry couldnt resist!

  4. Tim-ber! Well done Cheyenne. Smart dogs, too.

  5. Now that's a big tree! Was, I mean. Like your wife, I like my wood stove stoked up and roaring. There's nothing like wood heat.