Saturday, December 11, 2010

Recollections of Summer.

cheviots 069 (Small)
Just a collection of shots. From the last 3 years, what can I say?  I just love riding away, dont want to come back at times. Its so ……….well I cant explain, its like really ” Being There!”  And for those who often ask, where are the phots of me? Here are some ones I found on others cameras.


  1. Thanks Shirley, coming from you, thats a compliment!

    It is a fact Ron! It does.

  2. If I ever come to the old country can I visit you and go riding there where those pictures are? It looks like magic to a old prairie girl. I'd have to borrow a horse though. I'd be good to it. My cousin in Crewe I bet would love to come, too but He might have a horse to use. He takes photos that a magazine in England publishes. I forget which one. Funny how I can feel homesick for a place I've never been.

  3. Wonderful pictures, Cheyenne. It's good to see you saddled up and out there in the big country.

  4. CCC, Yuo are most Welcome to come and visit!! Love to meet and see you, the ridin` is great, and yes you can borrow a horse! Thode hills would give us a couple of days ridin`, an` meet some wonderful hill people.

  5. Thanks for the kind comment Mr V. Its always welcome, your comments. I seem to be at a cross roads at the moment, with writing, cant seem to put my finger on the issue, but its almost as though I havent got any inspiration so to speak?

  6. Oh these are fabulously delicous!Yum, Yum, Yum!!!

    Your Header is amazing...I felt a tingle of the icy waters, just looking upon it.
    Beautiful shot~

    I have to say you live in the most gorgous area. Riding with you, on those summery days revisited, is like riding in God's country! NICE!
    I really love it when the horse partner takes in the same views...and seems to be awed as well!Your first shot...stunning.
    Be well~

  7. Thank you, its a pleasure to pass these things on. The Grey? She is Gracie, and yes she does some looking about,but she is like that. If she was any other way, I would worry!!

  8. C'mon Pard, out there in the hills you must have all kinds of thought running through you mind. Course you might not dare to write about half of them, but there must be plenty of good stuff that'll transfer to print.

  9. Doesn't that seem like a long time ago! Look at all that green grass...