Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Solution!

Rain scald 004

First of all, I have never had anything from the vets, in this kind of bottle!  A large Brown mysterious bottle!

I have to thank everyone who has contributed to the answer to Rain Rot! So here it is. A Emulsion of Penicillin, in suspension.  No, dont ask!  Its a litre of this incredibly greasy stuff,even after application, and then washing my hands, my skin feels fantastic!!Lol!  I have applied it to the offending areas on the horses back.

This was done yesterday, today I checked her out, and found that the scabs had already lifted!!  The oily stuff must have something to do with that. now we leave the Antibiotic to do the rest. 


  1. Good, a success story. It's wonderful what this community can do, Cheyenne.

  2. Thank goodness. That just sound like a major pain in the rear end.

  3. That's interesting. I think the vets keep those bottles for doling out stuff. We've got them before with disinfectant that they gave us in it. Glad that's helping.