Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Thaw!!!!

Thaw dec 2010 003Thaw dec 2010 005

It began with a ten degree rise in temperature, on Boxing Day. Not an exceptional rise after  several weeks of well below temps? However, at the time this was taken, it was a little after 2pm, but only an hour before, according to travellers over the Hoddam Bridge, had stood in awe as a wall of ice, propelled by melt water, hurtled down the river Annan.

As you can see the ice flows have been pushed aside onto the banks!  I ice is stacked so high, I couldnt see over it at bank level!  Even as I took these quick shots, the ice was thundering against the pillars of the bridge.

All the roads are carrying pools of water, and the fields are running in rivulets of melt ed snow water.


  1. Thaw is nice - hope you continue to be above freezing so all that ice and snow can go away!

  2. Winter lends itself to wondrous views and times seen, on other wise calm serene landscapes and places know for still. Great shots!

  3. Thaw is good? Its ok, but the roads and especially the side roads are still icy. I`m hoping to be out ridin` soon!

  4. Thaw good, flood not good...

  5. Oh man, this is so cool. I've never actually seen a frozen river in person. I'd love to see that!!

    Oh, and uh, I hope you don't flood or anything. I have a tendency to get so caught up in the "oh wow" aspect that I neglect the practical... you'd never guess it from reading my blog, lol.