Sunday, January 09, 2011

It Snowed Again!….

Jan 2011snowfall 017

So once again the white stuff has beaten us back with a shitty stick!  I wouldnt mind, but I had, even though I felt like shit, to attempt to ride for an hour. Mainly around the fields here.

Jan 2011snowfall 002

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But by the amount of frozen slush on the roads, and the ice etc!  I decided that it wasnt worth the horses health.

Jan 2011snowfall 025

Plus the fact that they looked quite happy together!  So I fed them, and went home for a Coffee! 

Jan 2011snowfall 009

Besides, it was a great idea to go ridin`, but I couldnt even lift the bloody saddle! I feel as weak as a kitten.  


  1. Good call! Don't overdo it.

  2. Oh no! I hope you get feeling better. It's the pits being sick. At least the horses look happy and well cared for. Take care.

  3. Looks like home--snow here again today. Great Photo's


  4. I pushed riding before my body was ready and had a darn setback. You don't want that. That your time. The horse will still be there in a few days. Get Better.

  5. I hope you feel better and that you are back in the saddle soon.

  6. Let it snow...break out the single malt...

  7. Better get used to it Cheyenne. There's gonna be plenty more where that came from between now and spring.

  8. That shaggy pony is cute! Hope you feel better soon.