Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Is it Flu?…My Quack says so! he also chided me for not getting the Flu jab. I hate being ill! I really do, its so annoying and inconvenient! But anyway, apart from the shivers, the headaches, sore throat, aching joints and limbs, shivering, and overly hot! I feel fine! (Not)

So heres the thing, my other half is really ill, she has been bad, for her its a nightmare. However, I always feel a fraud, my chainsaw lies idle, the horses look miserable, and the dogs have given up and gone to lay in front of the stove! 

So whats your cure? Mine consists of a rather nice Tumbler full of Whisky!……So far its worked, I`m in a state of cant feel anything, and the headaches have gone, and the eyes are slightly blurred, but heres the good news, I got my whisky before VAT went up!! Hooray! There is a God! 


  1. Oh, you poor thing. You must be really sick to have gone to the Dr! A tumbler of whiskey sounds like a great cure and I might try that tonight.

    (I didn't get the damn flu shot either. Never do. Even if I had the flu right now I still wouldn't get one next year. Just stubborn.)

  2. Hot tea with lemon and honey helps somewhat - feel better!

  3. I can't believe how ill so many people are this winter. I've had a cough since November, it's driving me mad. Hope you get better soon - your country needs you!

  4. I heard the flu that's going around here isn't the same strain as the one the flu shot is for. Lots of people who got that shot are pretty darn sick so that means they got poked for nothing so what's the point. No flu shot for me. I'll take my chance.....and whiskey if I need it.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Yes indeedy! I shall try hot lemon, with the whiskey but I`ll give the tea a miss? ......

    My country needs me?????......Well? Possibly, I`ll ask DC and see if I can be of help.
    Thanks all for the lovely comments. I firmly believe that in a few days, I shall be better......Or not?

  6. So sorry you are not feeling well. Had that over the holidays and lived on anything cold, water, juice, ice cream etc. Hot Tea and lemon was really good as well when I could hold my head up to make it.
    Hope you feel better soon....Hugs

  7. Oh dear. I don't blame you for not getting a flu shot, last year I got the H1N1 shot and three days later I had the flu... Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Hey Cheyenne. I just got over the flu myself - was sick right through Christmas. It has hit pretty hard here in Florida and the whole of the southeast. I did the good ole hot toddy myself. One commenter mentioned my recipe exactly, except left out the Scotch! Honey, lemon, green tea and Scotch! Works wonders. Anyhow, hope you and the Mrs. feel better soon.