Friday, February 18, 2011

Rugs Off, Sun is out!

I thought I`d update on the beautiful “Sunny”. Now standing at 14.2, she is 22 months old.
feb 2011 rugs off 006
“Sunny” with her rug off! The sun came out and over the last two days we`ve had temps around 44 degF. So quite warm. I check everyday, but yesterday, she had started to cast her winter coat. So I whipped the rug off her and Gracie.
feb 2011 rugs off 007
She is coming on nicely!  Starting to look like horse.  The photo below is at 6 months!
Sunny at 6 months!
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  1. Crikey, she's really changed, hasn't she? It's really cold here now and snow is forecast.

  2. Thanks for that! Really cheered me up!!!!!!Lol. She has really changed, she might also change again.

  3. I'm jealous, it's still looking every bit like winter around here.

  4. That baby is a looker!

  5. You are right Tammy! Hell of a good lookin` animal. My next riding horse.

  6. Nice pictures! Makes me want to go out with my camera and try a little harder.

  7. Its easy, just get out there, and point and shoot! Welcome to the blog.