Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I See! So Because Its Better Weather?

sunny, back to work march 2011 009
“Do I look good in this?…..Want a better angle?”
“Well hows this!…I can do water, both feet too!”

sunny, back to work march 2011 017
“All four feet? Are you serious?   I cant see the bottom of this puddle!”

sunny, back to work march 2011 012

sunny, back to work march 2011 018
“ Thank God thats over!, bet he`s back tomorrow! Oh fresh grass! MMM!!


  1. I love that picture of her looking at the puddle.

  2. Yes, she is a good talker! I have to say though, she can be a little tiresome, she can go on!

    Having said that, for a two year old, Sunny isnt too bad! That was her first time in water, so to speak, and with a heavy saddle on her.

  3. Wow! You have green grass already! Ours is just starting to sprout.

  4. Good old fashioned horse sense, Cheyenne.

  5. Your right there Ol` friend

  6. People think we are nuts for living in the sticks - not to mention all the hard labor of keeping the place up by ourselves - but we wouldn't trade this life for anything. We've been living here since 2002 (similar to you) and wouldn't go back to the city for anything.

  7. hahaha! I was thinking about trying to get the saddle on too last week, but... it got colder again...

    Maybe next week???

    Thanks great pics!

  8. HAHA...mine talks so much too!
    What an adorable little mare...Appy (cross?) and witha real TAIL!
    She did well with the watery footing~ and the Heafty saddle!

    Loved your comment to us about the LEAD position. Having whined a little about some normal rides events..I got some very awesome here- here's..I'm NOT alone afterall!!
    My fave position is the side by side-ride-walk, trot or canter till they settle into, "'s not a race and I have to conserve the steam!"

  9. OH!! Forgot to say...happy better-weather-horsin'!!

  10. Yep! She is an Appy cross! An` a reall nice girl, apart from the "cow Kick", still we all have our faults!

    Yeah the saddle is a tad hefty, but? Start as you mean to go on! She has plenty of good bone, and her mother was and Irish Draft horse, her dad, an American Appy, import!

  11. Looks nice and green there! Send some our way!