Thursday, June 23, 2011

I`m Still Waiting?


(For the Sun!)

Another ride, another wash out!………..This by the way, wasnt a shower! No its was like this all day, wind and rain!


Poor Bobby! There he is, on Reiver,  his Fell pony, stoic to the end!


Annie, and her “Crazy Horse”, spirits dampened, as well as her behind!  God it was awful!…….We are suffering  one of the wettest Junes I have known, and it shows no sign of stopping!


So a warm bath, a large Whisky, and some TLC!  (for the horses, of course!)


  1. The weather sure hasn't agreed with any of us, has it. But, if nothing else, your pictures were awesome!!

  2. You give whisky to the horses?! ;)

    Sorry to hear your weather's still awful! Ours has gone back to normal, but I won't torture you by telling you about it!

  3. Thanks for that Tammy, its true, the weather has been pretty crappy for lots of folk!
    Funder, No!!!!Lol. No dont tell me how warm and beautiful the weather is!!.......How you are enjoying the sun beating down!Lol

  4. Oh my@
    The photos were soggily nice. Sorry for the Crapola weather.
    Hoping you have a Indian summe.r

  5. Now that's a rainstorm. No fun riding in that! I think I'd just hole up and ride another day. Hope you are getting some better weather now.

  6. Thanks Shirley! yes, the BFLWM has said we will have temps up in the 80`s F!!!!! Lets wait and see!

    Got to love that Rio.