Friday, July 22, 2011

Barney Leaves!…………Wally Arrives!

There has been a loss to my herd. Barney, the Black Cob, has found a new home in the Galloway Hills!  He has gone to live with Linda & Tom, near Corsock. They farm cattle and sheep, and Barney will become the family horse! I am sorry to see him leave, but I do know he will be very well looked after!!
Tom and Linda, together with their two boys, have gone a bit “Green”!  Barney will have some work to do, and rounding up the aforesaid cattle and sheep is his new job!
Tom Junior, has his eye on the new addition! Last time I spoke to Linda, she said, Tom junior was in the field, teaching Barney the rules of soccer!!Lol!
This is “Wally!”
He is a Cob, a so called Gypsy Cob.  Note his Blue eye?  Hence his name Wally! (we call an eye like that a “Wall” eye.)
He arrived yesterday, a Colt, 14 months old, probably make around 14-15hh. He`s a bit thin, needing some quality food, and some TLC!
Nice little chap, and with promise, no bad manners and with some presence! He will become a riding horse, with good manners, and he is already showing a calmness not usually seen  in one so young! Worming today, and vet check! More to follow!


  1. welcome to the world of gypsy cobs ....he looks like a nice type!!!

  2. Crikey, Wally looks quite big actually. It'll be interesting to see how he develops (total sucker for a coloured cob!) But, my heart would belong to Barney, what a beautiful boy! How old is he?

  3. Beautiful cob! Looks like he's going to be quite the gent.

  4. Sally, Autumn Mist, and Kate! Thanks for the good words!

    AM, Barney is a delight, but he was too small for me, and as Liz has given riding a miss now, he had to go. But! We have waited over a year for to find the right place.

    Sally, thanks! Not normally keen on them, but this one.......well he sort of attached himself to me at the sales!!Lol

    Kate, I would hope he is, he was very cheap!! The market here has bottomed out, and is awash with ponies etc. So yes, it will be interesting to see how he progresses.

  5. Always fun to get a new horse! He looks like a mini clydesdale! :) Sounds like Barney found a match. Good job all around.

  6. Thanks for that Tammy! I would agree.

  7. What a fun post! Good news all around and such good-lookin' horses!! Can't wait to follow Wally as you pursue your plans for him. He looks like a mellow fellow!! And darn tootin' cute!!

  8. Hi Deanna! Thanks for that!....Not a bad bunch, Wally is a bit cute!

  9. Barney is a beauty. Glad he found a good home. Wally looks like he's going to be fun!

  10. Love his markings! He's super cute.

  11. Welcome Wally! It'll be fun watching him grow. Nice to see that Barney got a good home.