Monday, November 14, 2011

Changes. And Real Progress.


This little foal, of which this picture, is my only one! Is “Sunny”.  Or to give her, her real posh name! Is “Misty`s Tyshion Sunshine  Surprise!”   Here she is just a few hours old, 21 April 2009.



And a year later!

Sunny at 6 months!

And last summer!

sunny, back to work march 2011 014

She is now  2 years and 7 months old, and a whole new horse!

sunny 2011 009

Its a little after 5pm here, and darker than the inside of a “Ditch diggers left boot!”

sunny 2011 004

She, Sunny is currently just under 15hh, maybe just on?  She is currently under saddle!!!   Hey!   And is responding really well. Today we had our second short ride, in a Bosal, and she has a really cool attitude. I`ll post some “work” pics tomorrow.


  1. Aaw, like her freckles!

  2. Holy cow now that's what you call changes. I would never have thought that filly would be the color she is, based on the color she was as a yearling, very interesting.

  3. Hi Patsy! Hi Janice! Welcome to the blog!!

  4. She is adorable! Glad she is doing well undersaddle!

  5. Thanks Becks!....Long time no hear? How are you doin`?

  6. Wow now that is a change in colour and spots exciting to be finally riding her. I cant wait till next year when I get on my boys. Hope the mud is sort of drying up!!!!. If it makes you feel any better it is raining in my neck of the woods too!

  7. Looking forward to ridden snaps!

  8. Hi Shirley, Sally and Laura! She has changed dramatically, but her temperament is so cool, just like her mothers.
    I`m working out how to ride and take some shots, as I dont have anyone to help on this!!LOL

  9. How exciting to see the lil' ones grow up...definitely looks like a new horse! Good luck with her rides; she sounds like you've raised her well.

  10. Hi Gtyyup, really appreciate that.

  11. Wow she sure has changed color! I heard Appys can do that, but never actually witnessed it before.

  12. I love your are so creatively talented /starting horses, writing and husband & father. You amaze me.

    Oh and your beautiful Appy sounds Like a joy!

  13. Hi AHS!.......You are far too kind!

    But the sentiment is appreciated.