Sunday, November 20, 2011

Barney`s New Friend!!

What constitutes a good day?………….Let me tell you.   A few days ago, I posted an advert for Barney, whom you all may remember!!  I posted it on a local Horse Forum. We had a couple of interested enquiries, but only  one came to see.    Her name is Karen.  Along with sister Christine and husband and two kids! 
Barney`s new owner 004
Barney is going on long term loan for the winter, after very careful consideration, and long chats, Karen having tried him out, has decided to take him!   All in one day!!  So his home is fairly local, and a good horsey one. It turns out I know both ladies from the Endurance Club. So there we are, its a small world!  I cant begin to tell you all ,how hard it is to find the right home. I just didnt want another carryon like the last one!  Barney seemed happy, and his new “owner” was too!   ( So were the kids!)
Barney`s new owner 003
The real tester was when Karen, (above) came to collect Barney!!   Loaded, and never looked back! Not even a snicker!!
Barney`s new owner 006
Never looked back!!
Barney`s new owner 007
Anyhow, he`s going to a good working home, good riders and also Jumpers? So we will see whats round the corner.  Good luck.


  1. See, Barney came back just so those nice folks could have him. Hope it all works out well.

  2. I think your right Shirley! He was lookin` for the right one!

  3. Have to get caught up on your blog.... she looks a good sort and got the real boots on, too! LOVE your blog header!

  4. Hi Mary Ann!...Karen is, she`s had those boots for ages! She can ride too!
    the header? its ok, I look fat?

  5. What a nice find fo both of you

  6. Sounds like a wonderful lease!

  7. Looks like everybodies happy, being new to your blog I don't know the story on Barney....he has one of the cutest boy faces I have ever seen.I like the new header.

  8. Hope the pony enjoys his new home and it all works out well in love with those hills in the header photo ....where is that ?

  9. The current header, shows the Cheviot hills, they Border between Scotland & England. Its a National Park, called the Northumbria National Park.


  10. Hi Janice, Barney went as sold to a family, but it didnt work out. he has now gone to these lovely people, hopefully it will work out.

  11. Sounds like a good deal all the way around...Good Luck Barney!!

  12. Hi Gtyyup! I think its the best deal at the moment. Lets see what happens? But it looks good!

  13. Barney is adorable! Lucky boy.

  14. That's neat. It's Like a free lease..though, what horse is free!
    They all really looked happy.
    What type of trailer was that?

    Barney , you take care of that family!

    I'm seriously thinking Cob or Highland pony next. But it has to have stamina, go and Smarts too. Would you have a breed recommendation?


  15. Hi AHS! Yes, the trailer is a Rice Trailer, made in the Uk.

    As far as recommending a horse? Cobs are cheeky!....Loyal, will go all day!.......Clever to the point of not wanting to do something! But very very strong, easy to handle, live a long time, not prone to weaknesses as other breeds are, my cobs are never in need of vets! They have feet of IRON!! Barneys feet needed Tungsten road nails, to hold the shoe and to get through his hoof!

    Welsh section D Cobs are around 15hh. Gypsy Cobs are around 13-16hh

    There are many types, but for me, the English Gypsy Cob, of which Barney was one, are the good types!

    Hope that helps?