Sunday, January 01, 2012

Water Polo.

I was wondering, does anyone know where I can purchase a couple of 6`6 inch water wings for horses?
They dont need to be new, but in working order, as my horses are in need.
I have managed to teach the others to swim, but unfortunately, the last two, have been struggling with swimming.
Overall, they have done well, but if I was honest, they are all finding it hard to swim and graze at the same time.
Having said that, I still manage to row out to the ring feeder, but I find that the bale of hay tends to weigh the boat down!
This morning the wind got up, the waves caused some headaches, but, it was fun to watch the horses playing Water Polo in the paddock.
Maybe there is another group of horses out there, that could help form a local team?


  1. OK that took me a sec. Thanks for the chuckle and the mental picture.Hope you get a reprieve soon.

  2. Got a tad bit of rain did you? It's mild and wet here too, but so far, we haven't needed to grow webbed feet.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year to you Shirley!

  4. I would love some photos of this! ha

  5. It's not raining today Cheyenne! (Yet!) Maybe all the county residents should be given a hovercraft. Fingers crossed for a bit of sunshine and blue skies this year. And less mud.