Friday, March 23, 2012

A Long Day!

Its been a long day!  Just showered, and fed. Me!  Not the sheep!  No pictures I`m afraid, but plenty of aches and pains!   The only good thing about this, is that your hands get soft, from the Lanolin from the sheep`s wool.  We`ve topped a hundred lambs in the last couple of days, and they are starting to come thick and fast. I`ll be back out in a couple of hours.  Hope to get more pics tomorrow.



  1. aww lambs are adorable, kinda like calves. Then they grow up :(

  2. True! Then they get through every fence they can, they will find any weakness at all in a fence line!

  3. Had a client that did sheep, and the lamb season was fast and furious-FOR SURE! The bummers always were fun to hear about...they grew up in the pantry room, at my clients home.
    You certainly are industrious!!! One good thing is is helps the skin and hands!

  4. Yep, dont like to let the grass grow! But as they say, arolling stone? Its been murder here, they all seemed to come at once dispite the planning!