Monday, March 05, 2012

Trip Out!

Now before I get into this, lets just say, we dont mention the rain? OK?.............................

Sunday, arrived, shed its cloudy start and become a really beautiful day! So I,  and a good friend managed to extricate ourselves from the bondage of winter, and ride out towards Burnswark Hill. As you can see from the distinctly inadequate photo, its  a rather unimposing hill.


But! It has a secret history! On either side of this hill are , Roman Forts, and a Parade ground. Plus what we believe to be positions for Ballista.  Sort of an old Training ground!

Anyway, it was muddy, cold and really miserable!  But we got out, and did around ten miles.  Roll on Summer!  My bones wont take much more wet!


  1. Good for you. Here it's the wind. It just doesn't want to quit.

  2. I hear you on the wet- not much fun riding in that, but got to hand it to you for braving the elements- for ten miles too!

  3. Looking greener around you, a lovely area to explore.

  4. Oh I wanna see pics of the other side of the hill. It sounds like a fun place

  5. Now that is one very roundish hill ......we dont get hills like that here!!!!. Ten miles in the rain and cold ....I'd be having a wee dram of something nice in a hip flask in a wee pocket if I was you!

  6. Hi Susan! Yeah, I can understand. Must get to you after a while.

    Mornin` Shirley! Most of our trails around here, can provide at least ten miles of riding. Some much more. But as you point out, its the miserable rain!!
    OOTP! Its a tad greener, but we`re still havin` to feed hay.

    Hi Crystal, if you google Burnswark Hill, uk. You should get a set of pics of it.

    Sally!!!!.....Now then! Drink?
    Never! Dont touch the stuff!(ehmm)!
    But your right, I hate the rain and cold, I always end up with a cold arse!