Saturday, May 12, 2012

Here it is!


Its a first attempt, more to do, but impressed with the quality and speed of the  publishers.


Photo quality is good, colours a excellent, and the paper etc is really good.  This attempt is a Softback version, with only 50 pages, works out at £24.95, and thats with postage via UPS. This pic is poor as I was a tad excited!!


  1. I'm glad you are happy too! I've done two blurb books so far with old posts and am gearing up to do another one. Do you like the softback version? I've only done hardback but I like the way yours looks in the picture.

  2. WAIT! Tell us more... available in the US????? I would love to see this!

    1. Its available via Havent set the price yet?