Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Follow On.

Seems like  an age since the 4 day celebrations here in the UK. My head has been restored to its normal self, and “Zee leetle grey cells”  have started to work again! Having said all that, its been a great week,  just to get away from work and enjoy life as it should be.  Great food and good friends!

jubilee 025

The fire has finally died out, leaving a rather large burnt patch, still mother nature will rectify that.  The Repentance Tower, has not been burned to the ground, and the roof is still intact!  On that night, we could see across the Solway Firth, to England, The Isle of Man, and right over the Pennine Hills.  There were large Beacon fires, at Caerlavrock, Carsphairn,  all across the country, and a most intense one across the Firth and up on the North lake District Hills.  Fantastic!   The whole length of Hadrians Wall was lit! From Newcastle to Carlisle!  (73 miles)

The sun went down (ish) and by an hour or so later it was light again!  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle!

I wont be alive when the next Diamond Jubilee happens, nor will a lot of folk, but  God willing the country will rally again.

Finally, the horses are fine, and the weather has improved,  so I will be off soon to do some serious riding.  I`ll keep you all informed. Back to work tomorrow! Urgh!


P/s…….Had a strange encounter the other day, a case of Fate.


  1. Wonderful how your entire country celebrates your Queen's Jubilee. I'm a bit jealous, can't imagine us doing the same for our President(s). Perhaps because they just don't have that kind of longevity here at all.

  2. Thanks Camryn, much appreciated! Yes its a real feeling of History for us, but if you look back to get where we are today, we had a civil war back in the 1600`s. Then it was about who ruled this country the King or Parliament. So really its thanks to that war, and Parliament winning, that we can enjoy a truly free Monarchy.

    But you all have something we dont, and thats a country where even the lowliest, could be President.

  3. I'm glad you had a wonderful celebration. I sat watching the whole concert in London on TV not to mention all the other events that happened. I did my drinking on the couch beside the inside fire ....winter rain outside...horses all tucked up in the shed.
    It was truely a great spectacle all time fav!!!! is the queens black horses that trot out front leading the processions.
    CAnt wait to hear of your riding adventures!

  4. Hi Sally! Good ta hear from you! yeah, it was something to watch, all those horses, I watched the lot!!! Beer and sandwiches and lots of pies!

  5. yep ....pies are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .....soak up a multitude of sins

  6. Sounds like fun was had. Looking forward to the riding adventures.