Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pause for Thought

Its a little after 6:30 am, just got in from work, coffee was key here! looking out at the early morning sun, I was reminded that  although the weather has been crap, there are some wonderful moments of pleasure. Just standing here, no wind, no rain, with the soft smell of damp earth, with the first shafts of sunlight fingering their way across the fields. I stood drinking coffee, hot black and sweet.

The silence only broken by birdsong, not a cloud in the sky, a real blue sky!  No one stirred in the house, these moments are really peaceful, and let me take stock, the weather isnt too bad after all, anyway the coffee was almost finished and I can hear my wife in the kitchen, as I turned to look at her a flock of birds flew overhead, I gazed at them darting  over my head.  It was then I felt the pitter pat of bird poop land on my shoulder, I heard my wife say, “I`ll get a tissue  my dear!”   I replied, “ Dont be daft! Them birds will be miles away by now!”


  1. Thanks for my laugh of the day. Still hot here in Wyoming 100+ most days.

    1. Glad it made you laugh! Well lets hope its hot for next summer, as I will be in Montana, and hopefully getting to go to the Custer Battlefield!