Monday, July 02, 2012

Rocky and Steve!

“These flies?……… Good God!”  Its true, they were awful and threatened to spoil a good day.

galloway forest 2012 003

We started from our usual place at Loch Stroan, the flies were1nt too bad there, however, if the breeze stopped? Urgh!

I was with Lynne and her man Steve, he is getting back into riding after some time away.  Steve`s the one on the right of the picture!! His horse is “Rocky”, a “late teen” in age, and they both seem to be getting along. From the car park we took a trail towards the bridge at Barney Water, from there headed off into the open cut areas, more wind!

It was sunny, and with the odd threat of drizzle, but basically it was one of those few dry days!  Of course no ride here is complete without the ubiquitous water crossing!

galloway forest 2012 005

The water in this river, is controlled by the damn higher up, at Clatteringshaws. Its a good crossing used by 4x4`s etc.  We think this was maybe Rocky`s first river crossing! He did well.

From here it was back to the cars, a cup of tea and a rather nice chicken mayo wrap!  The flies were a complete Bugger on the way back, could barely see the horses ears!  Anyway, it was pleasant and good to be out again.

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