Friday, August 24, 2012

Doc Holliday Gives the Ok!

I finally got to the Gym today!  Doc Holliday, he said I should watch it, but the ribs should be fine! So I did a cool half hour, see how things went, and to be honest? Not bad!  I`m not feeling like jumpin` tall buildings at a single bound and such, but hey! I feel better.

Now onto much more important stuff, havent been able to get into the saddle since the accident, but did a good stint of groundwork with all the horses this last two weeks. Went back to basics on all of them, worked a treat too!  I even took Gracie back to her early days of just standing! …………The guy next door thinks I`m mad, watching a horse standing still! 

Sunny is doing well, introduced the Rockin S snaffle a while back, and she is really responding too it, took her back to “giving to the bit”, she was fair before, but there is something about this bit shape? It works for me any way. So, Charley, the old guy, he is slow, too much grass recently and no where to go!  So he`s been hacked out by my stepdaughter, doin` good too.  All seems to be ok just now. But I wont  hold my breath!  Nothing surer, when you get to being happy, something shitty comes along! Or is that being pessimistic?

Anyway, so long for now, should have some pics soon, going riding on Sunday! (If the rain stays off!)


  1. Glad you're on the mend!

  2. Glad to hear you're fixed! Enjoy the ride :-)

  3. Well that's good news! And some ground work never hurts the older horses.

  4. Nice to hear you getting out, i am grounded still from publishing

  5. Replies
    1. Doc Holliday?...........Why yes!..........Met him once in Tombstone!