Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sunday Jottings etc!

His first ride on the new Pony!

daniel & beauty 2012 008

Ok, left to right! Daniel, adopting relaxed pose on Beauty! His Mum, and Daniels two friends, Emily and Anna! behind them? Is Emily`s pony Polo!

daniel & beauty 2012 010

Cheesy grin!

He is being Lead reined for a while, `till he gets used to riding alone?…….Beauty is a crackin` wee thing!  Anyway, here`s a few other shots!

daniel & beauty 2012 001 

Not the best shot, but just illustrate how they have all settled in. Beauty is over on the far right, and then the next issue was getting the pony!  It took us at least the best part of an hour! Finally, she gave up!

So she is now with the other pony, Polo, in a small paddock by themselves! 


  1. Ah yes. pony antics! They are masters at not getting caught. Looks like Daniel is quite happy with his new steed.

    1. Good God Shirley! That was fast!!Lol. Hows things over your way?

  2. Oh, gosh, what a great new pony! I can't help it, I still love ponies and can't wait until we have our new ones in the spring. She's a lovely little thing, and Daniel looks very happy.

  3. What a pretty pony she is, and Daniel looks so happy on her. Can't wait here about their adventures together.

  4. Im sure all the trouble catching her was worth it when you see the smiles on Daniels face :)