Saturday, October 06, 2012

A Meander Through My Mind!

Now ordinarily, I wouldnt post this late into a large bottle of “The Singleton!”    …………..But needs must when the devil drives.   I have to ask, not knowing the answer, or rather not wanting the answer. 

As I approach that time of life, you know  what I`m talking about!!………..Those stiff knee`s,  the leg that protests when it try`s to get over the horse? Eh?…………Those creaking back muscles, and those awful aches and pains…………..the ones that you get from cold days riding?…………..How do you all deal with them?

My left knee kills me! My right hip plays up and my back has always given me gyp!  I`m starting to feel like a  broken watch spring!  The Doc says its just wear and tear, if thats the case, I`m past my sell by date. 

I was riding Sunny last evening, a lovely kinder  horse you couldnt have asked for.  But just getting my leg over? OMG!   So stiff!

Once on?………..No prob`s, just get on with it, had a great half hour, beautiful mover, smooth and confident.   See getting off? Well I`ve been going to the gym, losing weight, eating the right food,  but  is it doing any good?  My trousers are loose, my shirts hang on me, I look like a ghost from Scooby Doo!………I`ve seen more fat on a greasy chip!  Even Cannibals would pass me by!

So whats wrong?…………Ok, I`m getting the Birthday gitters! thats the truth.  Really-! ……………To make matters worse some friends, ( a loose term!)  gave me some photos of me riding Gracie, from seven years ago!….I looked young, handsome and fit!

Oh alright, I was exaggerating!……….I just looked.     At least I had hair!   Gracie looked good, she still looks good! I look like…..the Ghost of Christmas Past!  Even Dickens could`nt have used me as the ghost of Marley!   ( too thin)………………….Sorry folks, I hate birthday`s especially mine.

I`m on the last drop of Single Malt now, and for those who dont  drink, I`m terribly sorry, for those that do, well……….Hey!  So here it is, finally, Napoleon once said,  and I`m quoting very loosely  here, “China should be left undisturbed, to awake the lion, would cause the world to shake!”………  Now thats an example of the state of mind, that exists between my mind synapsis, and my gob!

See ya.


  1. Well Happy Birthday anyway :). I don't drink but, that just means you can drink my round right? My daughter just turned the big three oh. I think it was more painful for me than her ;)

  2. You are funny!
    Kinda sucks getting old and ouchy doesn't it? But you learn to deal with it. As long as you can get on a horse and have a good ride, that's all that matters.

  3. Wonderful ......I'd say if the single malt tastes good then drink it a bit more .....could even rub some on that sore knee.Getting older is tough ....geeez I hit 40 the other day and I thought it was terrible. Am working on trying to stay 21.
    ..and just think you get to be colour co-ordinated with Gracie!!

    1. I`ve been trying to stay 21 since I turned 50 9 years ago!!Lol

  4. The solution to getting older? Knowing that you've survived this long with a few single malts, a few falls and adventures and are still here to tell the tale.... must mean that you can carry on doing all of the above without a worry! The aches and pains are just there to remind us we're still alive :-)

  5. Two words. Hot tub:-)
    Oh and another two - Happy Birthday!

    1. Thank you kind lady!......But its not till the end of the month, 22nd to be exact!

    2. You are doing all ya can for yourself and riding, in my opinion, is a fabulous way to remain fit and chipper! Birthdays always do remind us of who we are now and also- that we have learned alot. You keep sharing!!!
      I am truly just behind you Cheyenne, being 51.

      This won't make you feel any better...but guess what one of my sisters did on her 60th b-day this summer?? She ran a MARATHON! 26.some odd miles! I am amazed...but DON'T want to run...I want to ride. Your riding keeps you fit and strong(if it doesn't kill ya).
      You are AWESOME- and I admire you!!
      I'll come back to wish ya a good ol' day, when the time comes!!


  6. Love this reply! thanks Kk. Your esistere is some cool lady! I'll keep going till i drop! But thanks for the sentiment! xx