Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Looking Back. 2011/12


Its been a poor year for riding here, as you will  have gathered from my moaning! Still, I thought I`d have a look back, to remind myself of some really good riding. And see if things were that bad!

cheviots 2011 Me at fence

This shot, taken by a friend, Nic. She and her horse, Hafla! Thats her eating the camera! We were high up in the Northumbrian National Park, this was 2011, of course!  I`d got off, to open a very low and crappy gate, took some doing, if I remember right, the hinges fell off.

cheviots 2011 nic

Thats NIc!      Four foot nothing, and a real dynamo! Well some of the time.

gilwhilly Bobby

This shot was 2011, we had decided to ride from some God forsaken railway siding in the middle of nowhere, to another place on the far side of nowhere!  But it was a lot of fun. Cant decide who had the most fun, us or the horses!  Lots of wide open space, and grass that was knee deep!

Patterdale oct 2011 007[5]

Oh Yes! Then we rode up into the Lake District National Park! Forgot about that! Ooops! Now there were some great views, soft under hoof,but good non the less!

Cheviots oct 2011 fiona

Then towards October, we all, rode off to the Cheviot Hills. Thats Fiona, never been there before, smiling like a woman possessed!

cocklawfoot 2012 018 

Then the only really major ride we managed this year, was our ride across the Cheviot Hills this year! Just the two of us, no one else was foolish enough to ride for 30 miles across country in the drenching rain!  Except us!  But hey? It was good!

galloway forest gracie and me 2012

This was taken early this year in the Galloway Forest Park. I couldnt do any of it, without this lady! She`ll be 12 years old next month, had her since she was 3, so maybe things are`nt so bad after all, I got my health, and a good horse, what more does anyone need! Lets hope 2013 is a better year!


  1. 2013 is going to be amazing, I'm looking forward to keeping up with you!

    1. Thats a very kind sentiment, thank you, looking forward myself, to the next year, God willing.

  2. That new year is almost here to offer new horizons to explore.Happy New Year

  3. Sometimes we think it's bad...but when we look closely, it could be a lot worse!!! Cheers to a great 2013!!

  4. I love the last picture. I'll be glad to see the back of 2012, and the front of 2013, as you say... God willing!
    Gracie looks wonderful.

  5. Love that last shot of you and Gracie.

  6. It has certainly been a challenging year, made better by sharing the good and bad times though! Here's tp sunshine, peace and miles of good riding for 2013!

    1. It certainly has! And yes, lets hope the weather improves!!

  7. Now that's a wonderful look back! Makes me happy!
    Gracie is the best mare, taking you over hill and into dale.

    Though it wasn't rain that kept us smaller in our ambition, our rides were greeter and closer to home.Lovely none the less.

    Loved seeing It all, thanks!