Sunday, February 03, 2013

Meeting in the Forest!

So after yesterday`s sunshine? What can anyone do, apart from go riding! We did, off to the forest, but unfortunately the sun did`nt shine, it tried to rain, and finally, the forest was crowded out! Well, we did meet one other rider! (That`s crowded)   


She was, as you can see, ponying the white horse. That pony, is 28 years old!  I was aghast at that!  Poor thing! Still we enjoyed the meeting, turns out, she owns a B&B nearby!


The forest was wet, with mud every where, but great fun.  A good 10 miles done today, plenty of hill work, and above all, we enjoyed the day.


A fallen tree was one obstacle, but with care we managed to get under it!  Now you see me, now you dont!


There were one or two trees down, but most had been cut through, but it gives the horse and rider a bit more confidence to do these things!


Break time, or who gets the blade of grass!


Katy`s hat? bright eh?

Good day all round. 


  1. Why were you aghast at the 28yo? I give Mark the horrors by telling him we will still have the mule when we are old and grey!! You know how yesterday felt like spring.... errr well stay away from the Scotsman Newspaper... apparently its going to be a mighty cold February. I guess thats so that we appreciate the heat wave we will have all summer :-p

  2. I was shocked at how the pony was still going so well at that age! Brill! Never read newspapers, pack of lies at best, and full of untruths at worst!
    Yeah, I`ve seen the forecast for tomorrow!!

  3. Great Riding day! Sorry ya missed the temped you out though,and that's good. Love your riding partners. The one with the stretching breast collar, reminded me, I have one of those(for the saddle) where is that, now that I have one again!?! Yea, that helmet cover is Fab! I have been looking at Brighter Forest gear ever since you started to ride with these gals in NEON!

    Ah, thanks for those glorious views...I love your territory, and your spirit!
    My sissy has had 3 horses live to 30 and were very healthy. There is a 35 year old Arab at my boarding stable...if they had allowed me to ride her for some rides last year, her topline would not look so terrible as it does now...but they don't trust me to walk with her and take it easy. They don't know that I LOVE horses, not abuse them!
    Oh well, she is happy pasture retired

    1. Thanks for your kind comments, love to hear from you.

  4. That oldster looks awesome! So nice she gets it out and about still. Glad you were able to get pix to post, enjoyed them :)

  5. Ahuh ....I hate to admit it but I'm so envious of you guys....and at the same time glad somebodies riding. I guess for now I will just have to be happy living vicariously through you.

    1. Hi Janice!....I feel for you, been there and done that. For me, I have decided to ride, whatever the weather, well? Except ice!! Last winter, I got nothing done, then when it came to the slightly better weather, the horse and me, were unfit. I looked like a real porker! So all change this year, and lets hope it keeps on! You tag along, your always welcome.

  6. I am so jealous of your places to ride. No busy roads full of heavy traffic for you.

    1. Well, not strictly true, we trailer to every place we can, as the roads here can be bad too.

  7. Great to see you getting out! Let's hope Spring comes soon :-)

  8. Cheers! You too, I need a heated saddle, nice and warm, my `ol arse doesnt seem to be able to take the cold anymore!!