Monday, February 11, 2013


Do you see the pale coloured Dog? The one licking his lips? ……….Read on!
Today we went for a walk, to try and get back to being out after this damn cold/flu thingy, now this photo was taken a few years ago, so the dog in question, a Golden Retriever, is bigger and stronger. Anyway, we had finished the walk and were getting the dogs into our van,  now unfortunately, Daisy, the dark brown dog in the shot is or has been in heat/season. However fate today was against me. The male dog leapt into the van first and got himself in the wrong spot. I reached in to the van to pull him out, of course Daisy the bitch, also leapt in!! As we all know, one should never place ones hands between a bitch in season and a large male dog!
I spent the next hour in the Doctors Surgery. no stitches required, just “leave it open to drain!” They said, three nice deep puncture wounds, lots of blood and some subcutaneous skin dragged out.  Antibiotics and a Tetanus shot later, we were back in action. So the motto is,
” Never put your hands, where they are not wanted!”  Lesson learned. Silly me.
Ps, It was my left forearm that got bit.


  1. Poor you. I think a stiff whisky might be a good idea?

  2. Maybe it's time for Daisy and Golden to visit their own doctor. Hope you heal soon.

    1. Ah, yes true. But the poor thing didnt do it on purpose, and to be honest after having dogs for years, i freely admit, to it being my own fault.

  3. Replies
    1. Not so dear friend! Not so! .....It just so happens that i was given some powerful Anti biotics, for the wound you understand, which in a roundabout way, was a blessing! It has cleared my chest!

  4. Oh my gosh, can't believe the female was allowed out to run around... sorry for your bite!

  5. Hope the bite heals quickly!

  6. Oh, that's the sore armb bit. (e )....was worried you didn't know of a heart condition!
    Glad, and sad about the bite.
    Heal up partner!