Monday, March 04, 2013

Lost Picture. Good Summers.


Cheviots 2010

I have always liked this shot. Probably because someone else took it!  Its the last few miles, back in 2010, having had 3 fabulous days riding across the Cheviot Hills.  We are just about to cross from England into Scotland, by way of the Border Ridge.  The photograph was taken by Lynne, sitting quietly on her horse Craig. You can just see his ear!

I recently found this picture in a folder hidden away on this Laptop. It had been among some shots I had filed away as “maybe use them” stuff.   I have used this one before, but I keep coming back to those days. I was quite annoyed when i thought I had lost it.

gilwhilly 019

This was another one. Just out of interest, this is an old Military Road, built by the English Army to invade Scotland back in the 1700`s. It comes in from the right by the sign post, and leaves to the left, above the chestnut horse. This was a ride across an area I hadnt done before, fantastic spaces and great fun.


2003-03-12 02.33.01

This is a very young Gracie, maybe 5 years old?  How dark she is, a nice canter along a country lane, and yes thats me!   Riding The Marches 2006.  All seems so long ago!


  1. Oh summer!
    Nice photos :)

  2. Lovely pictures aka memories for you! Love the last with you cantering along.

  3. Some fun shot, love that white horse.

  4. Very nice pics. Love the first one. xx

  5. I've Been Looking Up Older Shots Too, Happily Reminiscing.

    I'm Glad You Found That One Again, It's Neat. What A BEAUTIFUL WHITE horse.

    Awesome Shot Too Of You! Love The Scull Cap. And If You Hadn't Told Us That Was You're Mare,I Would Have Not Known It Was Gracie!

    1. That white horse was ridden by a partially disabled lady, who came with us on day 1 of that ride, she didnt do the second day due to the weather, but she did really well to do 22 miles.
      She is very dark on this shot, and has gotten progressively lighter as the years have gone on.