Sunday, May 19, 2013

All Change!


Nothing like change to cause a stir!  So with Gracie being out of action for the next month, and what with me off to the USA, I have decided to send Sunny, to a “finishing school”!

galloway forest 2012 001

She has done well, but I do not have the skills to finish her off.  Its better to have a pro do it, and well, than me try and fit it in between work time and other tasks. So she goes this week. Already she is walking out nicely, so it shouldnt be too hard for her to learn the rest.

Poor Gracie, her fetlock injury will take longer than we thought, but no matter, we`ve got time!


  1. Of Course, Sunny!
    Sure Hope Gracie Can Heal Up Soon. I Do Know About These Odd Health Incidents (Horse And Human) And Recovery Times...
    Would Bell Boots Help The Recurrence?

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks alot, really looking forward to it!!

  3. i hate it when they have to stay after class for being stubborn

  4. hahah finishing school ...I like that description. Think my Hokey needs to go back to finishing school ...his middle name is buck. Hope Sunny proves to be a better pupil!....and how exciting - that USA trip is getting closer.

    1. So do I! Youngsters? They are different, and you never quite know what they will do!!lol

  5. Well sounds like a good plan, finishing school for the youngster and time to heal up for Gracie, all while you are busy and gone vacationing