Sunday, July 27, 2014

Question for all!

I was thinking, for all of you clever folk out there, I have a question. It concerns my maiden mare Sunny. I had her put to an Appaloosa stallion in June this year, prior to that, Sunny was calm, gentle and brilliant with other horses.

The Street 100

Right now, she has become aggressive to other mares, bitten Gracie twice and drawn blood. She stands mostly quiet, feeds well, but if another mare comes near, she will pin her ears back and lower her head, then launch herself at that horse. With me she is really odd! Nuzzles me to death, loves being brushed and when I come into the field, she is first to get to me!  She has always been affectionate to me, and always been a kind horse, easy to do, and work with.

But there is something of a big change in her, she doesnt run around like she did, and almost seems to be  another horse. When i handle her she is great as always.

This behavioural change, is it due to her being pregnant?


  1. It could well be, some mares can get dominant when they are pregnant, other mares become more docile and laid back. If this is her first foal, watch how she is at foaling time. She may not tolerate the other mares coming near her foal. It might be best if you had a horse she could buddy up with during her pregnancy

    1. Thanks for that Shirley, much appreciated. Hadmares in foal before, but this is for me a first!

  2. I know zero about horses but sounds like a moody pregnant horse to me. That is my two cent advice. I recently finished a novel with my main character ridding a magnificent Appaloosa, cant wait too see the foal.

  3. I say womanly hormones, too... I'll talk to some friends who are (still) breeding and get back to you.