Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Gracie Turns 14 Years

It came to me today, that my main riding horse has reached the ripe old age of 14 years. I really dont know where it has gone.  So I have put together a small album of her from when she chose me. Her she is at 5 years old.

Here she is crossing the Cheviot hills at 8 years old.

Here at 10 years old, with friends.She has started to grey out.

Finally, at 12 years old, in the rain, in the hills, where she is at home. Gracie prefers the wild places, with me out and about, no arenas, no competitions and no grief. Go where we can and cover what ground we can. Long may she continue.


  1. The two of you are well suited. I have always loved your header picture of you two together. Here's to many more happy years together out in the hills (in the rain, LOL)

    1. Hi Annette, thanks for that. I hope she goes on for a while. In the meantime we are doing a 200 mile ride starting next week, and after that she will hopefully be put into foal.