Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Misty`s Tyshion Sunshine Surprise!

Good day! Well, her we are again, the sun is out, but for how long? The thing is, my haylage arrived today, changed them all over to it last winter. We now have seven horse friends!
Yep! The new arrival came in April 21st this year, beautiful appy filly foal, she was a Lacy, but now she has change so dramatically that you really wouldnt know her.
A Grey, with dark brown spots on her rump! Still she is lovely.
The other two youngsters, Bob and Dougal are due to begin their training this week. Oh! and yes, the chestnut mare? Well, didnt she do well this year as the Langholm cornets horse! Fantastic!

Someone wants to buy her! But we`ll see.

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