Thursday, August 06, 2009

Moving the Horses!

I bought myself some new steel toe capped boots! Had to, my toes are getting crushed. Anyway, I moved Gracie, Misty and her foal, Sunny to another field, slightly less grass. I also put Kizzy and Cassie, in another field to get more grass.The reason? Misty`s getting too fat! And Kizzy and Cassie are`nt. I`m looking for new routes at the moment, i think I`ve spotted one over the Cairngorms. Looking at Ben MacDhui.

Had Kizzy shod yesterday, her feet are fine, but need balancing. Ninian the farrier is good. Now thats all done, its time, as I`ve already said, to begin the training of little Bob. He`s a cob cross, not sure what with! But non the less he`s a fine animal.Gracie & Bob
Bob is the one on the right!

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