Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Bad Day at Hangin` Rock!!!!!! cont:

Thats it, finished for the day! Looking at the big hand on the clock? I can see that its 2.30pm!

Now that its done, I`ll do it all again tomorrow! So I`m gonna have some late lunch. Believe it or not, I`m soaked with sweat! Knocked my pan in! All the water pipes throughout the fields are frozen! Had to hand ball all the water for the next 24 hours. Managed to get hold of 2, 45 gallon plastic drums. Surrounded them with straw, and covered with heavy sheeting. Hopefully they`ll be ok!

Feed wagon came today. 3 tons of chicken corn! thats 120 seperate bags! All to be carried by hand, I was ffff`ked, I dont mind telling you! The driver was no help, he didnt even help get them off his wagon!

Still, me backs brocken, both arms are knackered, me knee`s have given out! So, nothing new then?

At least the snow has stopped. The temp. shows a warm -3 deg. So things are`nt too bad then!

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