Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Bad Day at Hanging Rock!!!!

I`m "ffff`in," sick of this!.............If theres anymore bloody snow! Now after lastnights fall, on top of the thick ice. I cant get up the short hill to the horses!

As for the Council? They couldnt organise a piss up in a brothel! No? Thats not right. You know what I mean! Its just gone 11am, I`m in for a cuppa`, its still only -7 deg. outside, and thats it warmed up!

Still it could be a lot worse! I could have run out of whisky! I did finally get up the hill, had to get the local farmer, his tractor and some bales of haylage. Poor la`hl buggers were frozen. Should be ok for a couple of days, will have to start walking again!

I was splitting logs yesterday, actually thats not right. I was hitting them. Nothing was happening! Solid with ice. What next? The great flood? Noah? Sailing past in his boat?

A redhot summer, wouldnt go amiss, mind you, that would mean droughts! Then the green brigade would start to belabour us with global warming again!

Yes! Why are`nt they talking about global warming now? Stupid buggers! Better get off me soap box. Got stock to feed.

See ya.

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