Friday, April 02, 2010

"He had the right idea, a new suit, and a retirement package."

I was out on the old mare this morning. For once it was quite a languid affair, not the usual full on ride. When I say that, she can be a strong horse, "character building!" Thats what a friend called her, after she`d dumped him! It was magnificent to watch. Let me illucidate.

Picture this, early morning, around six. Saddled, and we`re jogging down the road, `till we get to the bridleway. No one else about, birds singing, sunshine, golden, in the infancy of the day! Bloody marevelous! Of course, these kind of days are rare, but this day was to be full of fun! Charlie, (name changed to protect the innocent!) was engaged in telling me one of his tall tales.
Poor Gracie, my old mare, was his mount for the day. From the moment he had saddled her, I knew she wasnt happy, he was a tad rough with the cinch. Now thats not an issue for her normally, but she was now coming into season, and as is typical of mares, they do not like rough handling or tight cinches at this particular time!

I could tell she was waiting for her moment. And true to her character, the moment was dawning on Charlie rapidly. We were due a gallop, and as we rode out onto a lovely wide open field, we set forth. I, riding a young filly wasnt to perturbed, she was gentle and forgiving.
Charlie was now travelling at a good lick, across good open ground, Gracie, my old mare, forging ahead. Now, I should point out here, when her ears are flat back? Hold on! Unfortunatly, Charlie wasnt aware of this, one of her more delightful foibles!

To put it mildly, Charlie was in the saddle one second? Then he wasnt! I passed him, he was recumbent, on his back on the ground. Gracie had dropped her shoulder, and stepped short! Charlie didnt stand a chance!

But back to the day! We rode home, in a sort of stulted silence, "Did you know this stupid horse was gonna do this?".....I fought back the smile, "No!" I replied.

His casual glance in my direction, told me he didnt believe me. Gracie didnt care! She was now smiling. So what I gleaned from this incident was this. "My friend, is not my horses friend, so will my horse still be my friend, after dumping my friend?


  1. 'My friend, is not my horses friend, so will my horse still be my friend, after dumping my friend?'

    You bet your smug face Old Gracie'll still be your friend! Very good, Cheyenne. Liked the homage to Captain Brittles, too.

  2. Yeah? I found it by sheer accident! Loved the film to death, and always thought that, Brittles was mad for the "Man!"

  3. Yep, it was good, though I was never too sure about the 'tache. And 'breath like a hot mince pie' Quincannon was everything a sergeant should be.

  4. Quincannon? He, the actor, was a MP in the British army during the First W.War. Served in Iraq!

  5. Well you live and learn. I don't suppose anyone gave him any trouble in the guardhouse.

  6. Gracie, Gracie good for a laugh today--allthough I was Charlie once and didn't see as much fun in the story. Good site--great photos.


  7. Thanks for the comment! I`m glad you like it. Sorry to hear that as Charlie, you were unable to enjoy the ride! But I have been there also, and still unfortunately, suffer! But thanks!