Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The sun is shining! The sky is blue! There`s not a cloud to spoil the view, but ..............Well you know the rest. It was a tack cleaning day to day! Ugh! .....Really though, I do find it quite therapuetic. In fact, I would go so far as to say! Its nearly as good as doing the ironing?
I know, I know, but needs must. Yesterday was just such a day. Two full loads! All afternoon, my back was breaking and my hand got burnt! Still, you shouldnt iron your hand. But its done now. The tack hasnt been cleaned thoroughly since the late fall.
But today? I looked at it! But couldnt put it off again! There was loads of it! How on earth do we end up with so much stuff? Bridles, saddles and other stuff. I mean I`ve got eight bridles, just for one horse, thats got to be a problem? Mind you, when they are all hung up, cleaned and oiled, with that lovely leathery smell, great!
It was a satisfying feeling when they were all done, the two roping saddles, two Aussie saddles and various Endurance and English saddles, were all stripped down to the basics. I was pleased I did, as I found a briar thorn in one of the fenders on the wade. God knows how long that had been there!!!!
So there we are, another day done, another step in the right direction. My hands ache, and my fingers are stained with leather oil, but I feel fine. All I`ve got to do now is.........the usual repairs to the stables after the winter!!!


  1. Hello Cheyenne. Setting aside the Buddy Holly songbook, it’s raining here, too. At the beginning of your post I didn’t know what tack was, but it was pretty clear by the end.

    ‘Aching hands, stained with oil, feeling fine from honest toil.’

    Sounds good to me.

    Here’s hoping for drier weather soon, so you can get on with your chores. Meanwhile, I’ve plenty to do in the garden.

  2. Nice ripost! I`m gardening too, my early tatties, they`ve been "eyes" up on an egg tray. Waiting for them to sprout! Finally! Today, so I think they can go in the ground on Sunday.

    Good luck with yours.

  3. Hope you had better luck with your spuds today. I didn't too badly, until rain stopped play yet again.

  4. I was at work today, but got home and as luck would have it? The rain came down. Try again tomorrow!

  5. Thats two rows of "Duke of York" early crop. I`ll put another two rows in in a fe days. Suns shinin`!

  6. OMG, another tack junkie! And of course you need all that tack for one horse!! LOL!

  7. Hey Tammy! Doesnt everyone? lol: I was sorting out the tack room itself last night, I think its time I had a sale!
    I could start my own shop, there is that much stuff!
    But theres always something that catches your eye, isnt there? I purchased a brand new Aussie saddle a couple of months ago, liked it, and so far, its sat on a saddle rack, waiting for another dusting!!!!! Hey ho!