Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Mood.

Sorry! Been very busy. What with the tree down, the fence needing repaired, horses to get fit! Never mind all the other everyday things needing done! I was minded today, that the reason I ride, is the sheer exhilerating feeling of my own sense of silence! The quiet, meanderings of the horse. Well, not really meanderings, but sort of guided by me? Not usually! Gracie tends to wander, I put her on the right direction, and off she goes.

The thing is, we were out today, and it kind of came to me, there I was, sitting contently, not really paying too much attention, when all of a sudden, a covey of Partridge flew out from the hedgerow! Before I could react, it was all over, Gracie? Not really bothered. Didnt seem to give a toss!
So I came to the realisation that, it is true what they say, the mood you are in, when riding or dealing with horses, is the mood they will adopt. I think. No! Thats what I believe.


  1. Sure the riders mood affects the horse but still sounds to me like your horse didn't mind the birds much. A young, less experienced horse might have freaked despite your mood.

  2. Horse sense.

  3. Cheyenne,

    Now why do they call you Cheyenne?

    As far as the horse...I believe as you do...the horse mirrors his/her owner's mood.

    So the longer you've been together the stronger the trust between you and horse...hense, if you don't react the horse "trust" you're reacting and doesn't give fright...A younger horse hasn't had the time to bond in the trust so might freak at the experience.

    But that's just a City girl's POV. ;-)

    Mr. Valance has made quiet an impression on my twin and girlfriend with his humor.

    I thought it wonderful to see in your profile your statement about having a wonderful woman in your life. Very nice. She's a lucky woman.


  4. Welcome to the site, its real nice to have a lady along. Cheyenne? Well some years ago, while I was over in the states, I got to visitin` a small place called Cheyenne City. I had always wanted to see Wyoming, I did and I still miss it.
    Its one hell of a place! But I digress.
    We were stayin` with friends in Cheyenne, my dream come true! Since those heady days, I have never been back, long to do so. Since my friends are long gone, there ain`t no real people there I know.

    But if`n I had the cash? Who knows. But thanks for ask`in, its brought back good memories.

    Oh! the reason they call me Cheyenne? I went on about the place for ages, sort of stuck. Thanks for the comments and nice to have you on board.

  5. Helle Cheyenne. I've wondered about your name too, but hadn't got around to asking. (Thanks Hawk.) Now I know, and I liked the story behind it.